Mapped Out Money

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How To Choose Financial Freedom

This Course Will

  • Help you create a vision of what you want your financial life to look like
  • Teach you the necessary mindset for gaining financial freedom 
  • Explain why looking at needs vs. wants is flawed and the deeper issue for why people aren’t saving money 
  • Show you the one thing that successful people like Jeff Bezos, Mozart, and Kobe Bryant all have in common 
  • Give you one odd tactic I use for saving money (hint: it involves an old school Hip Hop Song)

So What's In the Course?

Lesson 1: Financial Freedom Is A Choice

Lesson 2: Needs vs. Wants vs. Really Wants

Lesson 3: How To Get Super Clear On Your Really Wants

Lesson 4: Long Term Thinking Will Make Or Break You

Lesson 5: The Choice Is Yours